Wish vs As Seen on TV #5: Real or Counterfeit?

2021 22 مه
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Here is a comparison of five "As Seen on TV" items ordered from Wish.com vs the same products bought in stores to see if they are counterfeit, knockoffs, or the real thing.

Original Reviews and Links for products discussed:

Arctic Hat
• Original Review: ircloud.info/get/fy-lm-h-y/fHyvjoqAgqeYpNQ.html
• Buy it: bit.ly/2K49CZa

OnePower Readers
• Original Review: ircloud.info/get/fy-lm-h-y/lHjFk6mpaqZkn6Y.html
• Buy it: geni.us/onepower

Pillow Pad
• Original Review: ircloud.info/get/fy-lm-h-y/l2jJgalzaappsaY.html
• Buy it: bit.ly/2q7ehSm

Lock Wallet
• I never reviewed this one and the real version doesn't appear to be on Amazon. I purchased mine at Walmart.com.

Magic Tap
• Original Review: ircloud.info/get/fy-lm-h-y/h4Cue6CqkbConNQ.html
• Buy it: geni.us/magictap

0:00 Introduction
1:06 Arctic Hat
6:55 OnePower Readers
12:33 Pillow Pad
15:54 Lock Wallet
21:21 Magic Tap
26:37 Final Thoughts

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  • I did order a backpack for college for 16$. Got what I expected which was not much, but it was satisfactory......

    vic Arrvic Arrپیش روز
  • I've looked at stuff from wish but never bought anything. There is better deals out there.

    Brandon ElieffBrandon Elieffپیش 13 روز
  • Ah yes wish. Where u wish it was the real thing

    skyler behuninskyler behuninپیش 15 روز
  • Has anybody suggested that is for the ugliest things I've ever seen why would you put it on your head and go out in public I won't even let my dog drink out of it it's it is hideous

    Roderick FernandezRoderick Fernandezپیش 16 روز
  • The wish hat looks better on you 🤣🤣🤣

    Bugsy in ChicagoBugsy in Chicagoپیش 17 روز
  • So . . . Wish equals counterfeit.

    Rose MorrisRose Morrisپیش 20 روز
  • The ''magic tap' is so ridiculously useless I can't believe it's real

    MuffnMonsterMuffnMonsterپیش 20 روز
  • The fact that the knock off 'Lock Wallet' comes with a fake id that looks like it might actually work (with adjustments) makes it pretty cool

    MuffnMonsterMuffnMonsterپیش 20 روز
  • For some reason, I find your videos relaxing and therapeutic. ♥️

    mohamed sameermohamed sameerپیش 21 روز
  • Your camera setup looks like a humanoid robot in the reflection in you glasses. :)

    Jeremy CatchesJeremy Catchesپیش 24 روز
  • Lol i bought a bendy foam chair thing on amazon when my recliner broke, and while i rather like how good of makeshift bed it can be, it's a terrible chair. I recently had to wash the cover and let me tell you, trying to squeeze cushions that are half the size of a twin mattress into a very thin very tight cover was just a nightmare.. it took 2 people close to half an hour too do. and im not sure it would survive that more than a couple times.

    Jexorz86Jexorz86پیش 27 روز
  • Hat didn’t shrink your head got bigger??? Lol? Thanks 🙏

    Todd Olathe Ks.Todd Olathe Ks.پیش 29 روز
  • "Intellectual property thieves" You misspelled China.

    Paul WebsterPaul Websterپیش ماه
  • 9

    Lou SalernoLou Salernoپیش ماه
  • 🖐🏽👀Wait!😦Hold up! Stop the presses! I didnt know you could sync your phone up w/a wireless keyboard!😯Shocked I say! Really really shocked!!!👈🏿😂

    SurveyTest MoneySurveyTest Moneyپیش ماه
  • The cute clutch architecturally mate because show crucially rule out a mixed romania. nauseating, sticky school

    Krystle ReeKrystle Reeپیش ماه
  • Buy from the imposters and you will really "WISH" that you had bought from the original companies!

    neal vanceneal vanceپیش ماه
  • Love your reviews 🤩

    Pascal GuerandelPascal Guerandelپیش ماه
  • No wish products for me😱😱😵😵

    Pascal GuerandelPascal Guerandelپیش ماه
  • WISH is well known for ONLY selling cheap Chinese knock offs. Nothing WISH sells is a genuine product. I've bought a few things to see what they're like.... Some worked great and others were horrible. ALL were stolen ideas.

    Linda Hooks NünyazLinda Hooks Nünyazپیش ماه
  • Do you re-apply tape to your ID every time you review a wallet? And or have you ever had an awkward moment where you left it on?

    Braden GowerBraden Gowerپیش ماه
  • I have bought, Crochet hooks, yarn needles and a few packs of dice and surprisingly all of the stuff came in a resealable amount of time and all of them are in good shape(I look at the reviews and store ratings) and I actually really like my crochet hooks.... I guess I'm just lucky

    Kit HortonKit Hortonپیش ماه
  • I would not trust that tap from Wish, even if it did work. There's no guarantee that it's using food-safe plastic, you might be slowly poisoning yourself if you use it.

    H xH xپیش ماه
  • I got a Wish ad at the end of the video, oh the irony.

    PotatoPotatoپیش ماه
  • Wish and seen on TV is equally shit.. If you see it in commercial, its so bad you need to be reminded to buy it.

    Love NordahlLove Nordahlپیش ماه
  • Do you have TV ads for wish in America 💀

    Mr RossMr Rossپیش ماه
  • I would not trust Ant cheap China knock offs they are probably made with toxic materials

    SodaGumXSodaGumXپیش ماه
  • people need to stop buying this Chinese knock off crap. It even copies branding. Every time you buy this shit your helping them do what they do. Your literally enabling the Communist rip off bullshit. but, i Love your vids. 50 cent store. HAHA. best wishes.

    Eric MeekEric Meekپیش ماه
  • You didn't test the Lock Wallets for the MAIN purpose...to block RFID gadgets from scanning & stealing your card info!!! Test again please😬

    JuggaloSupremeJuggaloSupremeپیش ماه
  • That wallet is the George Constanza special.

    The Ræl DingøThe Ræl Dingøپیش ماه
  • Everything on wish is either garbage or counterfeit there’s absolutely nothing worth money on there.

    The Ræl DingøThe Ræl Dingøپیش ماه
  • Internet star!!! IT has given you a big head!?!?!? Than k you for the reviews!!

    JA WJA Wپیش ماه
  • Hi James! Have you, or would you review(ed) the Pillow Cube? Love you & your channel!

    LaToya ThomasLaToya Thomasپیش ماه
  • The tiresome signature immediately interest because calendar delightfully bruise lest a bouncy winter. scintillating, aggressive anthony

    Holder JunyHolder Junyپیش ماه
  • Wish is a legit site but they also have lots of grifters and rip-off artists that prey on customers. If you do try to return something that is obviously fake or poorly made or misrepresented you may not get a refund, but they will offer site credit. Plus, my credit card started to get unauthorized charges from Asian sources. I had to cancel my credit card. Luckily my credit provider was accommodating and issued me a new card. Buyer beware of Wish. It's like playing Russian Roulette with your money and your peace of mind. BTW, read their ads carefully as quantities may not be exactly as they worded it once you try to order it. Classic bait and switch quantities abound on the site. I thought that I was getting a box of 50-count Nitrile disposable gloves for $10 with free shipping but when the order arrived it was just a single pair. Save yourself the frustration and shop anywhere else!

    metaspherzmetaspherzپیش ماه
  • The reflection in your glasses makes it look like you have a robot from the future filming you 😂

    Michael R.Michael R.پیش ماه
  • Lock Wallet aka big chungus...

    Jesse CJesse Cپیش ماه
  • now i really want that magic tap. sadly, the link isn't working ;c

    Lawrence A.Lawrence A.پیش ماه
  • if the real hat shrunk then that wish one wont even fit your head in a year. gllasses - def dollar store quality. wallet - you didn't even test if it could block rfid scanners. that chinese magic-tap might just need the contacts spread a bit. thanks for all the money you save us!

    Steven SenlacereSteven Senlacereپیش ماه
  • Almost every thing on Wish is counterfeit and made in China!!!

    C JC Jپیش ماه
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    Pamela CollinsPamela Collinsپیش ماه
  • Eye doctor: "Which one do you like better number one [click] or number 2?"

    Dakota LallyDakota Lallyپیش ماه
  • 12:33 looks like a alien from signs in the glasses reflection lol

    KParksKParksپیش ماه
  • Looks like the wish glasses have a blue blocking. Coating. Used for computers screens , helps milage headaches from long seasions

    Chandler DavisChandler Davisپیش ماه
  • Believe it or not china actually has counterfeit laws where they can counterfeit n can use the counterfeit name on it. Yep sad. Just don't buy name brand from China bc it's fake. I'm guilty. Once my bf told me this. I checked out everything"name brand" I brought from China for cheaper. Never ever again

    Megan KibeMegan Kibeپیش 2 ماه
  • So how does Wish get away with selling counterfeit items then?

    Dave Del BoccioDave Del Boccioپیش 2 ماه
    • Because as long as they don't copy the EXACT name and logo... It's technically not counterfeit

      Greg LopezGreg Lopezپیش ماه
  • I like when you do Wish versions of products, it makes for good comedy!

    PB ProductionsPB Productionsپیش 2 ماه
  • Same UPC on the hat.

    Glenn BrockettGlenn Brockettپیش 2 ماه
  • You can buy magnetic strip cards on Amazon for pretty cheap that are the same size as credit cards. That way you don't have to use your real cards and tape off information.

    dednartsdednartsپیش 2 ماه
  • Made in China means made in china.

    roger collinsroger collinsپیش 2 ماه
  • I wanted to see you put the magic tap in a gallon bottle to see if it would work not having to move the gallon jug out of the fridge. Like kids using it to get milk... that's what it was advertised for.

    Leigh AlmondLeigh Almondپیش 2 ماه
  • This is why I always shop on Amazon! Amazon still the gold standard for shoppers! At least customers come first! Bought stuffs from social media before and they just don't care about after sale customer service ! You get what you paid for really.

    Christine C.Christine C.پیش 2 ماه
  • gimmi 20 dollars lol

    londonbsinglondonbsingپیش 2 ماه
  • Those shades are a trip😎, great video

    Tucker TTucker Tپیش 2 ماه
  • Video summed up in 4 words. “Wish products are counterfeit.”

    Don’t EvenDon’t Evenپیش 2 ماه
  • My theory is that companies sell or give wish the ones that aren't upntonpar so that they can still make money

    jamesTBurkejamesTBurkeپیش 2 ماه
  • You're supposed to open battery packs from the back

    jamesTBurkejamesTBurkeپیش 2 ماه
  • 36 cards? You've apparently never met people with wallets like mine. We make George kastanzas wallet look like nothing

    jamesTBurkejamesTBurkeپیش 2 ماه
  • Dude I know wish sucks but you need to come with an open mind and not immediately bash the wish ones

    jamesTBurkejamesTBurkeپیش 2 ماه
  • I bought a Bushnell red dot sight from Wish. You aptly described shipping when you called it "glacially slow," however, when it came, it came in a generic box. I thought to myself, I knew it. Yet when I opened it up... It was a legit Bushnell red dot sight!

    Jed-Henry WitkowskiJed-Henry Witkowskiپیش 2 ماه
  • Started to watch but the glasses were a bit much so I stopped...

    Mike MattosMike Mattosپیش 2 ماه
  • The hats even has the same bar code numbers on them

    Tanquile RobertsTanquile Robertsپیش 2 ماه
  • unfortunately it destroys for those who make the original. was just a few weeks ago I saw one that made mousetraps. after a year, copies of his product appeared on Amazon wish etc. for a third of the price. the same has happened to the big manufacturers. volvo excavators etc look exactly the same but a different name and almost half the price. but it is noticeable on the quality. I would rather buy the original than benefit those who make copies. even if they try to sue them they do not care.

    Leif KarlssonLeif Karlssonپیش 2 ماه
  • The UPC codes are the same on the attic hats

    will dickinsonwill dickinsonپیش 2 ماه
  • Could you try a tv or laptop from wish

    will dickinsonwill dickinsonپیش 2 ماه
  • I used to order things from wish before I knew of their infamy. That being said, Christmas of 2016 I ordered several wallets as stocking stuffers and every single one of them smelled like polyurethane. Both of my brothers, my cousin, and my son's Godfather had their wallets fell apart within a month, literally in their pockets. I can only imagine that lock wallet doing the same exact thing.

    Suspect TruthSuspect Truthپیش 2 ماه
  • I just realized that bald people can wear hats whenever because they don’t get hat head amazing

    Chach WaChach Waپیش 2 ماه
  • Yeah you have children's toys from China made in China with lead paint or hazardous sharp objects embedded in plush toys you have tainted dog food substandard food items so counterfeit items I guess is no surprise to me. Remember the old razor blades and pins and candy and apples at Halloween time I can honestly say I will never ever go trick or treating anywhere in China nor will I buy any Halloween candy made in China. So glad product origins are now required on food products!!!

    K.L. ManringK.L. Manringپیش 2 ماه
  • And yeah we need to shut down that website cuz this is not what I whether I never use I'm glad I did not buy anything from it eBay and Amazon is all I can think about.

    Darkfury GamingDarkfury Gamingپیش 2 ماه
  • Wish, the only place in the world where you can buy a Louis Vuitton handbag for $50! Bwahahaha

    K.L. ManringK.L. Manringپیش 2 ماه
  • Wish is nonething but junk

    Miss StarrMiss Starrپیش 2 ماه
  • I have some though, what if the counterfeit ones start as badly produced parts from the original assembly line that are repurposed into Knock offs the originals with added additional cheap parts

    prorozelozprorozelozپیش 2 ماه
  • Wish is Pish

    ZyxxyZyxxyپیش 2 ماه
  • You didn't test the main selling point of the lock wallet the rfid blocker....

    ShadowScatheShadowScatheپیش 2 ماه
  • I just want to know where you got your sunglasses?

    Shane AShane Aپیش 2 ماه
  • Thank you so very much ❤. I know something good is going to happen today, in Jesus name amen 🙏🙌. Hugs

    Dawn HessDawn Hessپیش 2 ماه
  • I got a few shirts from wish. I love the designs of the shirts but.... The material they use isn't even cotton it's like a polyester and cheap.

    PieLoverPieLoverپیش 2 ماه
  • You seriously need to stop wearing those glasses and supporting China

    Often ElsewhereOften Elsewhereپیش 2 ماه
  • Even if the knockoff works the same how can you be sure the materials and practices used were safe? Remember when Bindeez were recalled because the blue ones mimicked the date rape drug GHB when swallowed by kids and it turned out they were made in China where there is no regulation for dyes and things like that. If it's something your literally going to drink from on a regular basis why take that risk with your health and why not support the original designer of a product to thank them for designing a product you enjoy using.

    Poppie SearchfieldPoppie Searchfieldپیش 2 ماه
  • Wish is a rip off.

    Nick PovermanNick Povermanپیش 2 ماه
  • takes a million years to arrive anything from wish.com lollolol

    Nate RomanowskiNate Romanowskiپیش 2 ماه
  • get a counterfeit product up ya

    Nate RomanowskiNate Romanowskiپیش 2 ماه
  • That tint for the Wish version of OnePower readers indicates blue light blocker.

    Elizabeth HammerElizabeth Hammerپیش 2 ماه
  • You remind me of the guy from my cat from hell.

    Carmen BennieCarmen Bennieپیش 2 ماه
  • I can see the camera man in your glasses

    R P POKERR P POKERپیش 2 ماه
  • I have never purchased anything from wish and it will continue to stay that way. Rip off cυnτs.

    R IR Iپیش 2 ماه
  • why thisdude has so nuch apple juice on hand ? susspicious

    Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynoldsپیش 2 ماه
  • wish is just garbage on sale. nothing looks like advertised, the materials used are the cheapest and clunkiest. sizes (for clothe items) are rarely ever true to what you pick. i've purchased a few items from all sorts of departments on wish. i've purchased a t-shirt once that were branded as cotton, came as some sort of plasticish fabric/material something not even latex fetishist would wear.

    ViolaViolaپیش 2 ماه
  • Wish..they wish they could come up with this stuff...no worry's, we'll just rip it off! Another reason to buy local!!

    The HammerThe Hammerپیش 2 ماه
  • I hate having a wallet in my back pocket. I have a small one that just holds a few cards and a spot for money. I don't know how people stand having a thick wallet, especially when ya sit on it.

    OZZBUDOZZBUDپیش 2 ماه
  • if your wallet is modeled after a cd case you might need to rethink the design

    Barroth OnTheRocksBarroth OnTheRocksپیش 2 ماه
  • The Wish reading glasses seem like they have blue light blocking tech. It looks to only be 35%, so it hardly blocks any blue light, but that would explain the yellowing of the test paper.

    NathanNathanپیش 2 ماه
  • Awesome video James 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Great review. I have never ordered off of Wish, but maybe.........? I do not know.....

    Ryan McdougallRyan Mcdougallپیش 2 ماه
  • I just do not understand wish. They sell fakes of already low quality fairly useless, cheap products that are mainly made in china and somehow manage to find manufacturers that make them worse in every way. I have lived in China and still work out of China and I am telling you in my experience, Chinese consumers don't buy this stuff. Why do we? We know the products are fake but still spend hundreds of millions a year on wish products. Why? 'Come on now!'

    Richard Storer-AdamRichard Storer-Adamپیش 2 ماه
  • Wish or no wish I wouldn't buy as seen on TV crap to start with.

    kosyskosysپیش 2 ماه
  • Can we eventually get a review of That Bravo XL Air Fryer "Smart Oven" it looks pretty large and the half hour infomercial has been on TV for a while now. I kinda want to see what if anything it does that's worth it

    King CoheedKing Coheedپیش 2 ماه
  • Be careful not to order from wlsh!

    euphoria _euphoria _پیش 2 ماه
  • I loved my lock wallet. It lasted many years.

    ShojoBakunyuShojoBakunyuپیش 2 ماه
  • The stuff that Wish advertised to me on Facebook was 70% adult products and 30% anime stuff. It was too weird.

    ShojoBakunyuShojoBakunyuپیش 2 ماه
    • Weird? Based on your user name, i would keep quiet or at least clear your cache...

      R IR Iپیش 2 ماه